Monday, August 1, 2016

Current version plugin Google update

 Current version plugin Google update

Google is out with its latest plugin update for Chrome and Firefox. The ones who are using the latest versions of both browsers have already seen the current version plugin Google update on the add-on page. You are bound to face slow browser speed issues each day if you fail to update the browser add-ons and plugins.

We always secretly pray for a plugins updater which can update all the Google plugins each day without any fail, but also without slowing down the browser speed while doing so. But for satisfying the unending quest of the ones who have not, this article focuses on all the prime aspects of the current version plugin Google update and its installation procedures.

What is the real essence of the Current Version Plugin Google Update?

The current version plugin Google update is the latest update by Google which contains all the traditional Google goodies as well as the new ones. This add-on plugin includes important and resourceful Google apps like Google Earth and the latest version of the Google Chrome Browser.

This directly integrates with the Google software that you are currently using and makes it easier and faster to sync your devices. But if you are worried that you are using an outdated version, you need not worry; the plugin facilitates updates to bring your browser up to speed. This update can automatically update all your current plugins and browser versions.

How does current version plugin Google update work?

You can download this plugin from any web browser; the current version plugin Google update amalgamates with your functioning browser flawlessly. The main function of this plugin is to keep an eye out for outdated versions of your plugins and update them continuously.

This prevents hours of meaningless weeding and uninstallation of older versions of plugins. Installing the current version plugin Google update helps you to keep your plugins updated without any manual searches and updating procedures.

This is a neat process, when the update is running you will not be disturbed with additional windows and pop-ups, the progress can be monitored on Googleupdate.exe in your task manager. Once you have installed the current version plugin Google update it takes up the complete responsibility of keeping your browser and Google add-ons updated.

Managing the task Manager -

To see the plugin in the windows task manager you can follow a few simple steps.

1.    Use Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open task manager.
2.    Check the “Show processes from all users” options in the task manager.
3.    GoogleUpdate.exe is the listed name of the current version Google Update plugin.

How to install the latest version of Google update plugin?

This is not like any other plugin; you will not find a standalone version of the same. To check on more information about the Google update plugin you can go to the Firefox menu, click on Add-ons and then select plugins to go to Google Update.

This is one easy way to manage your Google update plugin settings. in fact, if necessary, you can disable the Google update plugins from the same place as well.

Disabling the current version of Google update plugin-

Uninstalling or disabling this plugin is as easy as installing it. You can follow the easy steps given below to remove the plugins-

1.    Go to the Firefox menu
2.    Go to the Add-ons section
3.    Go to Plugins option
4.    Select Google Update from the plugins
5.    Click on the disable button

This will cause the plugin to be disabled effective immediately without any other clauses or pop-ups.

Is it advisable to disable the Google Update plugin?

If you are one of the few who can live by without using Google plugins then this plugin may not be a must for you. But for those who swear by Google plugins, this updater is indeed a necessity for them. The Google plugins require regular updating, and doing it manually is an elephantine task.

If you have the current version plugin Google update installed, you can sit back and relax as the updater regularly updates your plugins and add-ons for your browser.

Although many people freak seeing the plugin at work on the Googleupdate.exe, in reality this updating process does not interfere with any of your real-time work. This is a malware free plugin which ensures that all of your plugins function smoothly. It is not advisable to remove this plugin without gathering complete knowledge about its functions and adverse effects on removal.

The current version plugin Google Update can scan the locations on your computer by default. The browser can also scan the plugins registry for plugins and add-ons which require updating. This entire process is automatic and does not seek the consent of the user.

Although Mozilla has publicized that it will stop the automatic updating process from Firefox 16 onwards and the users will be asked for permission for any subsequent updating procedures.

The easiest way to know more about your version of the Google Update, you can click on Settings and then go to About Google Chrome. The browser will automatically checkout all the updates and if any new updates are found they will be installed into your system.

To conclude, this current version plugin Google update is not malicious for your browser or computer in anyway, although the unconsented updating may become troublesome at one point or another. Very few people have been known to have problems with the Google update plugin in the past; hence there is no clear reason as to why one should go to the extent of uninstalling or disabling it.

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